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Coffee - an essential element of pleasurable life

Can you imagine starting your day without a cup of good coffee? I believe not. 

I'm a huge coffee lover and I must say I drink my coffee for 'buongiorno', in other words, for a good morning:-) Sometimes I wonder whether it's a coffee addiciton or simple likeness and appreciation of its taste. 


Coffee is poetry. You can get lost in its dark color, the tempting aroma and the way it penetrates the taste buds in your mouth. Coffee is life. It wakes you up and welcomes you to a new day. Coffee is power. The way it stimulates you to pursue your plans and actions in your every day life. Coffee is a moment of pleasure on a hasty day.


In today's post I'd like to share with you my favourite coffee places in Zurich and how coffee inspired my artwork. 




I bet when you travel, especially in the spring or summer time, you like to sit outside by a coffee table and look at passers-by, slowly sipping your cappuccino. It's a great occassion to take things slowly, look at people at nearby tables or the birds picking the rests of food. 

Do you want to know what I usually do while having a coffee?


I pull out my paper notebook and make some sketches. Some are just for fun and some serve as a draft for a future painting. The above illustration was inspired my stay in Paris last year. Though it was in January, it was warm enough to sit outside in a heated garden with a view on one of the Parisian streets. I remember then that I wondered which city Paris or Milan would win in a 'fashionista' competition. Both Parisians and Milanese inhabitants dress very fashionably.  Drinking my coffee at Cafe Les Deux Magots in Saint-Germain-des-Pres area I spotted a woman. Crocodile green coat, pink pastel gloves like skin of a newborn baby, no make up and her hair pulled up in a bun. This is what they call an 'effortless chic'.  I quickly made a sketch of her. She smiled as she saw me drawing her. 

Quite often I am fascinated by people savouring coffee. I wonder where their thoughts drift in that moment, what they think about or what they feel. 







Zurich has a rich variety of nice coffee places, where the coffee is really decent. By decent I mean very good. Because as you know, the best one is in Italy. 


1. Numero uno on my list is John Baker. They have two spots - one at Stadelhofen, where I take my coffee every morning and the other at Helvetiaplatz. Their cappuccino is excellent! And in case you want to grab a bite of delicious croissants  - they only use regional, eco-friendly and organic products, including flour and chocolate. Coffee and a croissant from John Baker's is my daily sweet indulgence :-)

Lately, after finishing the cappuccino I drew with my pen a small unicorn. I had dreamt about it the night before. 

As you see, you can use literally everything for creative drawing, including paper take-away cups. 



2. Another place to try a good coffee with exceptional foam is Maison Blunt, located at Gasometerstrasse 5. 

I like their interior design inspired by Morocco. Located in a cool neighbourhood near Zurich HB they serve some oriental dishes with wonderful flavors and a nice cappuccino, which I call "cloudy cappuccino". I have never seen a cappuccino with a foam like this! Plus they have beautiful cups of emerald green and great design.

A place I would definitely recommend. 




3. The third place is an option for you if you've had enough of coffee. It's a hot chocolate place. 

In Zurich there are quite a few places with  good and thick hot chocolate - exactly the way I like it. One of them is at Niederdorf, at Napfgasse 4  - Conditorei Stober. They have homemade chocolate and cakes and they are more than 100 years old. 

What I particularly love about this place is a cute garden in their courtyard. When I look at it, even in winter it becomes green in my heart. 



I am curious to know what are your favourite coffee places in Zurich. 

Feel free to post a comment :-)


Wishing you a lovely weekend!




24.04.2018 11:09:31

Check out Bovelli, they're pretty good. Robert

24.03.2018 10:23:45

I love Maison Blunt :))) Sabina

12.02.2018 09:03:55

Hi Alexandra, nice post! I recommend La Stanza in Zurich. Fabulous espresso. Greetings, Lena

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