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Creative things to do on a plane

When you're preparing for a long-awaited holidays, the last thing on your mind is your flight. Usually, you don't wonder what you're going to do on a 6-10 hour flight. You just grab a book or two, watch some movies or sleep.

But what about those of us who either cannot sleep on the plane or are bored of reading a book or watching a movie? Can you spend the time on the plane in a creative way? Yes! 



How to entertain yourself and your kids when you're flying long-haul? 

Prepare for your flight. Yes, not many of us do prepare for the flight itself. We pack our bags, make plans about out trip itinerary and what we're going to do and see on the spot where we're heading to. We tend to rely on in-flight entertainment like movies, games and music. 


What if you are bored with watching the movies or reading books? What if you cannot sit still? What if you are afraid of flying or you simply don't like it?


Prepare your flight. Here are 3 fun things to do on a plane.


1. DRAW 

If you like drawing take some drawing materials on board. A simple pencil, pen, rubber and white paper should suffice. What to draw?

Look out the plane window and sketch the wing of a plane. The variety of topics is wide: you can sketch people around you, good-looking flight attendants or simply take a magazine and get some inspirations from there. You can also sketch the sky and the clouds. Their lines, fluffiness and shapes. 


Drawing helps you to center your attention on the act of drawing and observing the nearby things. It's perfect if you have a fear of flying or you feel uncomfortable on a plane. Well, I must say it works really good for me. 

I fly quite a lot but my flights are usually not longer than 2-3 hours. Doing a quick sketch can help you to get more energised. Remember that in planes the folded tables are pretty small. Still, you can put a piece of paper there or fold it in two. Buy a drawing pad with a hard cover and the cover can serve as your 'table'. 



If you don't have drawing materials with you you can always use a napkin and a pen (or even a red lipstick) :-)



When you read make some accompanying drawing to the book, like a comic story. Actually, you don't need to read a book to do it. 

Just observe the people around or your travel companions and try to come up with a story. You can also imagine something and write it down, make a small funny drawing. This is very enjoyable and will make you laugh and full of creative powers. 





Sit back, relax, drink your coffee and write a story. Whatever story you please. Imagine you are Steven King and you're writing a new thriller novel. You can write fiction, poetry or simply express your emotions and write about your feelings. The good thing is that on the plane you have no distractions like facebook or sms notifications. These are the perfect conditions to write. Who knows, maybe one day your plane stories will be published in a book?


Really. Take my example. I will try not to boast myself, but I'm simply so happy to share with you the news, that my book is finally out! I wrote one of the stories from my book "Snowdrops" while being on a plane. And it also tells about a plane ride. Sometimes certain flights can be your rebirth, your way to start things fresh. Like a graceful swan starting from the waters of the Zurich lake you can take the speed and fly. Fly high and go for your dreams, whether it's drawing, writing a book or making a significant speech at a conference. 



You can buy my book here (in Polish). The English version is coming out soon. 



Fly high and don't forget to enjoy it on the way!





23.07.2018 14:25:36

Congrats on your book Aleksandra!!!! That's wonderful! Sending hugs, Martha :-)

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