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Drawing class in Paris - an unforgettable art experience

Autumn is breathtaking in Paris. It was one of my dreams to travel there and see the Parisian trees losing their colorful trees with the romantic Eiffel tower in the background. My dream came true and last week I was in Paris. The city of love, the city of lights, the city of art...


When in Paris, I decided to take up drawing lessons and wholly indulge in the process of creating art. Even when you're already an artist - there is always space to learn something new. I searched some art classes and I found a great atelier! I signed up for 'life drawing', which means drawing a person sitting on a chair (or changing positions). During the class, it was a French woman. Naked.



I must say, I have never drawn a modeling naked woman before. It was my first time. As I detail-oriented person, it was quite a challenge to sketch just the basic shapes of a feminine figure, without focusing on too much details, like eyes or face. The lesson was amazing and there were many local French artists participating.


The atelier is called "La Villa Bastille" and is led by an artist and teacher -  Patrick Fouilhoux. A man of great personality, a good teacher and wonderful artist. He welcomed me very warmly in his studio, which looked  French and professional. It is conveniently located by metro stations Bastlle and Gare de Lyon.





The class lasted two hours, which passed by so quickly. All the participants were so focused and engaged in sketching that we forgot about the existing world :) Art is like meditation. You focus on the process and nothing else matters. Patrick gave me some guidance and instruction. You could tell that he is a talented artist and with one line he could correct my drawing. He taught us how to perceive human body and how to convey this perception onto paper. Life drawing is all about perception and the way of seeing things. If you learn to see a human body in geometrical shapes - then you know how to draw it on paper.


Here are a couple of my drawings from the class.



The drawing class was an amazing experience for me. It made me realize (again!) that art is something I truly love and believe in. It was also an excellent opportunity to exchange some thoughts with local artists and breath in the French art atmosphere.

I think my smile tells it all :) If you have a chance to be in Paris and you'd like to take up a drawing lesson - don't hesitate to contact Patrick.



Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. Comments are always welcome.


See you next time,



15.10.2018 07:47:58

Hello Aleks, I signed up for your coffee drawing event - nice! I'm looking forward ;) Monica

13.10.2018 11:23:46

Dear Alexandra, you are radiating with happiness. I wish I could learn from you! Best wishes, Rustam

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