Aleksandra Bzdzikot



Drawing session in Kunsthaus - Felix Vallotton

Join my drawing session where you will learn the basics of drawing and enjoy sketching in a great atmosphere of Kunsthaus. This time we will be drawing one of the paintings created by a local Swiss/French artist from Lausanne - Felix Vallotton. It is a truly interesting painting to show how perspective works in art. You will learn: - historical backgroung of the painting "Interior with a woman in red", - interesting facts about the painter, - how to understand perspective in art and how to sketch it: a) perspective and perception, b) linear and atmospheric perspective, c) how to draw one-point perspective. What to bring: A4 size paper plus a pencil and a rubber. Please also take something steady to draw on - it can be a hard paperback notebook or something similar. What to expect? - a short introduction on the notion of perspective and why it is important in art, - instructions on how to draw step-by-step with individual help from the teacher, - individual analysis of your drawing and hints for the future, - meeting new creative people. We offer only 10 places for these workshops. Beginners are highly welcome. Your investment: 25 CHF Tickets through Eventbrite Duration: 2 hours We meet in Kunsthaus at 18:00 in the lobby. Looking forward to meeting you there, Aleksandra


Heimatplatz 1, 8001 Zurich

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Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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