Aleksandra Bzdzikot



Drawing session in Kunsthaus - Ferdinand Hodler

Join a drawing session where you will learn the basics of drawing. This time we will be drawing one of the paitnings made by a local Swiss artist from Zurich - Ferdinand Hodler. We will focus on drawing the face and body from the profile. I will teach you how to: - properly understand the location of facial elements (lips, eyes, nose, eyebrows) and transfer them on your paper - draw face at an angle and keep the proportions right, - shade and blend your drawing to gain depth, What to bring: A4 size paper plus a pencil and a rubber. Please also take something steady to draw on - it can be a hard paperback notebook or something similar. What to expect? - a short introduction on Ferdinad Hodler, - instruction on drawing, - individual analysis of your drawing and hints for the future, - meeting new creative people, - sketching in great atmosphere in the walls of Zurich Kunsthaus. Due to the limited amount of participants allowed for this session and due to security policy in Kunsthaus we offer only 10 places for these workshops. Beginners are highly welcome. Your investment: 25 CHF, please buy your ticket via Eventbrite. Duration: 2 hours. We meet at Kunsthaus at 18:00 in the lobby. Looking forward to meeting you there, Aleksandra


Heimatplatz 1, 8001 Zurich

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Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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