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Drawing workshops at Zurich Kunsthaus - Johannes Heinrich Fussli

Last month, when the winter was in its full force, I organized a drawing session in amazing Kunsthaus in Zurich. Now, looking out the window I see snow again :)

Ha! I thought that after such sunny and warm days the winter is over, but we see it's not yet the case...


Anyways, getting back to the workshops. The main theme was sketching a human body, a naked woman on one of the paintings of Johannes Heinrich Fussli. Fussli always portrayed some beautiful though dreamy and scary visions. Sometimes with little monsters, like on this painting. 



This time we had quite a large group of around 25-30 participants, who wanted to train themselves at sketching a human body. 

I must say the participants first looked scared, but not because of looking at the little monsters in the painting, but more of the drawing challenge to draw a body in such a position. Under my guidance, we learned how to break down the body into geometrical figures and start from that.



The participants learned how to:


1) draw a human female body 

2) sketch the right proportions

3) add shadow and light to the drawing 



Everyone had a great learning time and enjoyed this special event within Kunsthaus walls. I was happy to have you all there and give you my instructions plus the feedback on your drawings 



The next drawing sessions are coming twice a month on Wednesdays. Are you wondering if to attend?

Buy your ticket here:








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