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Easy DIY Easter eggs decoration

Are you also counting the time until Easter holidays? For some of you this will be a busy period, filled with preparations, cooking food and baking pies, waiting for the whole family to gather. For the others - relaxation time at a beach in a warm, far-away country. 

Regardless of how you spend your Easter I'm sure you enjoy this time and I have one more recipe for you to enjoy it even more.


Today I'll give you a short tutorial on how to make two easy "DO-IT-YOURSELF" Easter eggs decorations.

The first design is called 'smileys' and it is very easy to make. They look very cute and differentiate themselves among standard eggs. So, let's start!






You will need:

 - as many hard-boiled eggs as you wish

- a pencil

- a waterproof black marker or pen 

- scissors

- some green elements like flowers, plants or catkins

- a small piece of wire 




Prepare all the materials on your working table. Take a pencil and draw eyes, eyelashes, freckles and a smile.

I usually first do it with a pencil because later you can always adjust it or erase an eventual mistake you make. 





Cover the pencil by drawing the facial features of your smiley egg with a black, thin marker. The one I use is from Stabilo.

That's all you have to do in terms of drawing. Seems easy, isn't it?

You don't need to be a Picasso to draw a smiley :-)



Cut the wire in small pieces. Before you do it, just measure it on egg, so that it will be like a wreath on egg's 'head'. 

Then, tie up the endings of the wire to form a circle.




Braid in the wire small pieces of a green plant or catkins. You can also put the eggs on some green leaves, so that the spring flavour spreads around. Voila! Your smiley Easter egg is ready now. 






You will need:

- hard boiled eggs, as many as you wish 

- acrylic paints - two or three bright colors 

- paint brushes

- plastic foil 

- water

- some old newspapers to cover your working table 





Prepare all the materials on your working table. Don't forget to cover your table with old newspapers, as it might get dirty with the paints. 

Then, pour a small amount of one acrylic color, for example yellow, on a palette. 



Paint the egg in yellow with a brush, but don't do it thoroughly. Just some quick brush movements. Then add some blue color on one side, but very little. 




Now comes the fun part. Take the plastic foil and rub it on the egg. Be careful not do it too strongly as the eggshells can break. We don't want that, do we? :-)

Usually, I put the whole egg in the foil and then rub it. 

The colors you will get will be dispersed and the egg will look like an abstract painting. 



The point is not to spend too much time painting the egg. We don't paint intricate designs or details. All you need to do is to rub the egg with paint with the help of the plastic foil. No Van Gogh's painting skills are required here :-)


Your pastel Easter egg is ready now. 

You can use any colors you like, but I suggest you use bright spring colors like pink, blue and yellow-green. 


As an additional decoration I put some rose petals and heads of fresh roses to the basket. The Easter eggs look so artful now!



I'm very happy with the result achieved - both with smiley eggs as well as the pastel ones. 

Hope you are inspired to decorate your eggs creatively this Easter!


Feel free to drop me a line how it goes with decorating your eggs.

Happy Easter!








29.03.2018 14:12:22

Te jaja-usmieszki sa cudowne! Kalina

29.03.2018 09:33:19

Hello Alexandra Great post! I was just browsing the internet in search of some Easter decor and I stumbled across your DIY egg decoration. So cute!! ;-) Anna

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