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Gift guide: DIY gift ideas

When Christmas time comes around and everybody is in the frenzy of shopping I usually take some time off and think about the gifts for my family and friends.

Of course, I am a shop-goer and buyer, but still I craft a good portion of the gifts I give. Handmade gifts are more personal and the fact that they cannot be found in a store makes them so special. 


Today I want to share with you my personal gift guide on how I prepare the gifts for my close ones. Hope you'll find some of the pieces here inspiring!





For all those who have doubts and hesitations as to what to buy for their family and friends I have a simple and almost magical answer. Ask them. As simple as that.

I always ask my parents if there is something they need or they would like to receive. This year they needed a new electric kettle, so I have bought them one with a nice design by an Italian brand DeLonghi. They have amazing coffee machines and kettles - small works of art. 


Also perfumes are a good gift. If you know the brand of the favourite fragrance of your friend - then it's easy. She or he will for sure adore a new bottle of their favourite scent. I must say, that I am often asked by my family to buy them perfumes, as they say that I have a 'good nose' :-)


Quite often I buy beautiful notebooks for those who like to write their thoughts down, just like me. The one on the picture I bought in a Jewish library, during my last visit to Cracow. Here's the link:



Don't buy things in a hurry, just because "you need to buy something". Such attitude makes the activity of buying burdened with stress and negative emotions. Don't buy things you do not resonate with or the things you wouldn't like to receive yourself.

Therefore, practical gifts are always a safe choice and you have the guarantee that their recipient will like them. In the end, what matters more than the smile on the faces of your close ones and the feeling that you satisfied their needs?





I like to produce hand-made and (organic!) cosmetics. It's a great idea for a lovely gift for your mother, sister or girlfriend. Why?

As a cautious consumer, you might realize that the cosmetics you buy at the shops and perfumeries contain toxines and chemicals. Even the ones which are advertised as 'organic'. They need to have some preservatives and substances that make them fit for longer use after opening. I am not against the cosmetic industry, but I carefully choose them. If I can make them myself - even better. Then, at least I know what's inside. 


This year I made a DIY sugar peeling with lemon zest. It smells wonderfully and makes showering a great pleasure. In order to make it a gift - just buy a small jar and decorate it with self-made inscription and a nice ribbon. 


Here's the recipe. You'll need:

- a small jar and a ribbon 

- 50 g or more of brown sugar

- zest grated from one lemon

- 5 spoons of coconut oil

- a pinch of cinnamon 


Heat up the coconut oil until it melts. Then add the sugar, the zest and a pinch of cinnamon (optional). Mix it and pour it to the jar. Let it cool down until the consistency will not be so liquid anymore. Decorate with your label and a ribbon. Enjoy!





Beauty is something, which can hardly be described. There are no words which could fully outline the notion of beauty. Each one of us has a certain taste and knows or feels what beauty is for him or her. I think that beauty resides in all beings who live on this earth. It is the beauty of our souls and minds. 

In my artwork I transfer the beautiful energy of my soul to make pieces, which could inspire you, give your apartment a fresh ray of sun or add a hint of mystery to your life. Maybe make you wonder, think about things or apreciate what you already have.


The above illustration I created out of my love for the Russian literature, to be more specific, the book "Anna Karenina" by Leo Tolstoy. 

I am extremaly happy that various people buy my artworks and want to know more and more about the story behind of the painting that they buy. 

Give beauty. It can be a painting, a musical piece, a photography you made.





Last but not least. Moments. Something that money can't buy


The moments when you spend time with your children, with your family. With your friends. 

The moments over a good dinner, over a cup of coffee or hot winter tea. 

Our life is made of moments, of notes like in a musical symphony. It is the moments that you will remember until the end of your days here. Not things. The emotions and energy you received or shared with the ones you love. With other people. You will remember the smile on their faces, tears of joy or sadness, which are more precious than any silver or gold. The omnipresent energy of life. 

Give moments. Good ones. Make people smile. Make yourself smile. Spread love around. 



Best wishes for all of you,



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