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How to get your artwork noticed?

If you're creating art, then I'm sure you wonder what are the ways to attract the attention of the public to your paintings. Let's face it: every artist dreams about thousands of people seeing and admiring his or her art.

In this post I'm going to share with you some of the ways, other than social media exposure, how you can get your artwork noticed.




You may not be the competitive type, but entering online art contests can be a great way to gain some exposure.  There are plenty of art contests webiste, where all you need to do is to submit your portoflio or chosen artworks for the contest.

I recommend you "Artavita" - they have good online contests, where you can even win exhibiting for free at airt shows like Spectrum Miami or Art Expo New York. More info you'll find here:





This is a fabulous way to show yourself, you paintings and your talent. Usually such art books are later on distributed to many galleries in the world.



How to get your art published?

There are art associations that also organize art contests, where you can win a publication of your work in an art album. There exist also art publishing houses. If you decide to go through an art publishing house, then you need to officially apply to be included in your chosen art book.

It all comes down to sending your portfolio and a short biography with your art successes. Then, you wait for the answer from the publishing house. They might like your art or not. So be prepared to hear some 'no' before you can hear 'yes' :) 


Lately my illustrations were published in "The Art Collectors Book" curated by the Middle East Art Collectors Association.  I am so happy to be included in this beautiful coffee table book. It was distributed to museums, art galleries and art shows in the Middle East, thus bringing me an apportunity for my art to be noticed in the Middle East art market.

You can check it under these links:






You can do it as well! Connect with some art publishing houses and try yourself. If you won't try you won't know if you'd be accepted.

How much it costs to be included in an art book?

Usually you need to pay a processing fee, only after they choose you to be included in the book. The fee depends on each publishing house. It's their own policy. As a standard, you pay 100 - 500 USD/EUR for the publication. In this price you have a free copy of the book for yourself, shipped to your home address.

Is such a publication worth the money? Of course it is. Treat this like an investment that you make into your art. What do you gain?


- your name included in serious art book publications

- the book is distributed to many museums and art galleries - you gain interest and attention

- someome from an art gallery, seeing your art in the book, can contact you with an invitation to make an exhibition. And this is all that we artists, are looking for ;)




I hope you enjoyed this short post and please don't hesitate to post some questions.

Have a wonderful and sunny day!








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