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I am a Finalist of the Global Art Awards in Dubai!

It's almost the end of October and I'm so excited to have been chosen a Finalist of the Global Art Awards in Dubai. It's an honour for me to participate in this competition among so many talented artists from all over the world.



When I got to know that I qualified as one of the finalists, my heart started to beat very fast. I bet, everyone knows this feeling, if you are an artist or not - the feeling when your work is appreciated and you already started to feel like a winner :-)


I am participating in the "Painting" category with my oil painting "Spring". This category has a strong competition of other great painters. Nonetheless, I strongly believe in my painting and the mere fact, that I have been chosen as one of the best painters from the whole world makes my heart smile.




The results will be announced during an Award Ceremony at the Final Gala, which will take place at a luxurious Armani Hotel ballroom in Dubai. As an artist I am always curious to know who will sit among the jury and choose a winner. This time the members of the jury come from creme de la creme of the art business environment. Just to mention such names as:


Mahmood Bin Karam Al Farsi - the Commercial Director of Arab Fashion Council and a film producer in Los Angeles

Sophie Neuendorf - Artnet Director

Jean Minguet - ArtPrice Head Economist and Art Market Analyst



Surely, it's going to be one of the most exciting events in the art business. Please keep your fingers crossed for my "Spring"!

I am curious to see the winners in all of the categories. Even if I don't win, I am still a winner in my own eyes. For an artist it is essential to appreciate all small successes on the way. Then, you have  more power and inspiration to create your artworks, so that they can become even better than they are now.







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