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Leonardo da Vinci and the force of the masculine power

"Learning never exhausts the mind" - these words of Leonardo da Vinci can easily refer to his life. Not only a great painter, but also a sculptor and engineer. A man of the reneissance. A genius. A man who was constantly learning something new and understood gravity, before Newton figured it out. 


In the beginning of February I have travelled to the amazing city of Madrid with an aim to visit the Prado Museum and make a video there. Unfortunately, this dream has not yet been realized, because of the long queues to enter to the museum. Instead of focusing on feelings of disappointment and anger I decided to see some other museums and make the best of my stay in freezing Madrid.  If you allow yourself to relax, even if your plans fall apart, you can be sure that the universe has some surprise for you :-)


Such a surprise for me was the discovery of an interesting installation inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's flying device projects. 



On a Saturday morning, my friend and I, despite the cold, decided to go jogging to the Buen Retiro Park in the center of Madrid. Though the sun was shining the temperatures did not exceed three degrees of Celsius. Frankly, we were expecting to have at least plus ten. Now I can tell you that it's better not to make any expectations and just appreciate all that there is. The park turned out to be one of the most beautiful parks I have ever seen and inside there was a small museum of contemporary art - with a focus on modern installations



The museum was Palacio de Velazquez, erected by the architect Ricardo Velazquez. Don't confuse it with a famous painter - Diego Velazquez. 

The thing that surprised me most of all was the installation of a flying penis, directly inspired by Leonardo's sketches and projects of a flying machine. 


Leonardo da Vinci at the time when he was painting Mona Lisa (circa 1503) was engaged in another fascinating project - the pursuit to make humans fly. He extensively studied the flight of birds and the phenomenon of flight. He produced many studies of birds and avian inventions. In his notes, he revealed bats, birds and kites as a source of inspiration. Just take a look at one of his sketches:



Most of Leonardo's aeronautical designs were ornithopters, machines which involved flapping wings to generate lift. He sketched such machines with a pilot prone standing vertically, using arms and using legs. The projects were never realized in practise. But still, in XVI century, long before airplanes were invented, the thought of flying machines germinated in Leonardo's mind. He was aware of a limited muscle power of humans, compared to that of flying birds. He also hinted at the force Newton would later call gravity. Leonardo was a real visionary. 



The artistic installation in Madrid was entitled "The force of the masculine power". This force is represented by a silver penis with wings, which by pressing a button will flopp. What was the artist trying to say through such adaptation of da Vinci's work?


For sure, he wanted to give tribute to the masculine energy, or masculine power.  Both masculine and feminine energies create a unity. Oneness. Life. Creation. Just note that when a man and a woman unite in sex, the result is unleashing of the strong creative power, which later finds its embodiment in the beginning and growth of a new life - baby.  The masculine energy has different properties to the feminine.  Masculine energy is a straight line, concentration on action, it goes in one direction with full power. Like a waterfall. Feminine energy is that of a river, flowing in many directions, calm, with swirls and turns, concentration on nurturing and sheding light. 


Masculine power protects the feminine. Provides resources, acts in battles of everyday life and gives balance. Feminine energy develops, appreciates, gives pleasure and inspiration. Where does it all start? Where you can find your masculine energy?


For every man it's essential to honour his father, because it's there where his masculine force comes from. From learning and taking the energy from his father. Standing by him. Taking action, being a man and not a mama's boy. Taking more from the masculine in his family, rather than from the feminine. 

A masculine energy is essential to create a harmonous relation with the feminine. It's all about polarity. A woman should be a woman, and not a man in skirt. A man should be a man and not a hidden woman underneath. It's all very fascinating and I feel hapy that "The force of the masculine power" inspired me to write a post about it.


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21.02.2018 11:14:27

Hello Aleksandra You have a lovely way of expressing interesting, philosophical thoughts! I have long admired da Vinci. Among other things he deduced how the human heart works. Hundreds of years later, in the 1960s, our modern, arrogant and “superior" medical system finally decided that he was right! For accuracy in his art he pulled apart corpses to see how the body is constructed. When I started female figure drawing I became fascinated by the flow of muscles but I prefer to study live people even if I do not reach his artistic standards! We have around 600 muscles in our body and I love trying to capture some of those in my drawing, especially those of the back down through the legs. Do you plan to organise a meet-up soon? If there are no more than 4-5 persons we could get together in my studio. If more, I could suggest some places to rent and we could all share the cost. If you do not plan a meet-up perhaps you might like to join me for a cup of tea or coffee here one day. My studio is in Unterengstringen, not far from Zürich. Bye. James jbhanshaw@gmail.com

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