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Monet in Kunsthaus in Zurich

The Kunsthaus in Zurich is the largest art museum in Switzerland. Believe it or not, it even overtook Basel. It's definitely worth to check it out. Doesn't matter if you're a museum geek or not. Kunsthaus is so versatile, that for sure you can find something for yourself there.


Kunsthaus houses not only the collection of well-known artists such as Claude Monet, Picasso, Chagall, Giacometti but also local Swiss contemporary artists. You have the rooms for sculptures, prints and drawings, photography and video collection. If you prefer classical painting genre then you can head stright to level 2 of the building. 


I simply love this place and lately have paid it yet another visit. This time I wanted to spend some time admiring Monet's "The water lily pond with irises" paintings and the motivation, which stood behind it. An enormous effort, which only few could understand or go through. 



Did you know that Monet while painting the waterlillies was in his old age and that he was suffering from a serious eye disease, which prevened him from seeing well?

That's the reason why his water lily pond got more foggy and abstract in the last years of his life. The waterlillies in Kunsthaus are from Monet's last years of life. Can you imagine to pursue painting when you cannot see well anymore? Even only for this reason Monet is a genius for me. He didn't give up and he was doing what he loved to do until the last days of his life. A remarkable man. 



"The water lily pond with irises" is, in fact, a huge painting. It has 2m x 6m and Monet sacrificed a couple of years to paint it (1914/1922). Apart from the painting, he was a keen gardener and found a great pleasure in working in his garden in Giverny. He planted many flowers and loved to make his hands dirty in the soil. As to the water lilies painting in Kunsthaus, I think we can suppose that Monet got an idea for this painting some time in May. The irises flower only for a relatively short period in May. He must have been charmed by the blooming irises and then the idea for the painting was born...




Claude Monet once said:

"Water Lilies is an extension of my life. Without the water, the lilies cannot live, as I am without art". 


To see Monet you don't have to head to Paris. If Zurich is closer to the place where you live go to the Kunsthaus. Simply hop on a tram or take a pleasant walk through Zurich Old Town to get there and have a small tet-a-tet with Claude Monet's water lillies.


A tip: every Wednesday the admission is free of charge :)


Check out my art commentary about Monet, straight from Kunsthaus:





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09.10.2018 06:32:54

Hey Aleksandra, can you make a video about other impressionist as well? Thx a lot and cheers from Texas

28.09.2018 19:49:44

Beautiful photos and beautiful woman. Woman with class. Robert ;-)))

27.09.2018 13:50:30

Hello Alexandra, wonderful content!!! I'll be in Zurich next week and can't wait to see the museum of art. Can you recommend me also other museums? Thanks and kind regards, Doina

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