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Musee Rodin in Paris better than the Louvre?

I received many warm e-mails from you asking more details about my recent stay in Paris and the museums I visited. For most of us, including myself, it's difficult to squeeze our wish-list of things to see, especially when we have only two or three days in Paris.

During my last stay in Paris I was there for the weekend, so actually I had three days (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday) to enjoy Paris and its art treasures.


I think if you're going to Paris for three days you cannot see it all, naturally, but the Musee Rodin should fit your agenda.




The museum is simply beautiful! It is nestled on a calm street and located in a former private residence known as Hotel Biron. It is a true gem of classical architecture embellished with woodworks and rocaille decoration elements in some of the spaces.  The exhibition rooms are very elegant and their simplicity matches well the power and emotions of Rodin's sculptures.



Auguste Rodin was born in Paris, and he created his sculptures here. The most important and well-known is the philosophical sculpture of "The Thinker", sitting on a stone with his head resting on a hand, pondering about the nature of things.

This sculpture is located in the garden of sculptures - make sure not to miss it! This park has a very romantic atmosphere and strolling there makes you feel relaxed, especially after spending some time on Parisian bustling streets.



When I was there, exactly one month ago, the weather was pretty cold and rainy. Nevertheless, I decided to do a quick sketch, before my hands froze and my phone went black because of frosty temperatures :-)

"The Thinker", originally is a part of a greater sculpture called "The gates of hell", inspired by Dante Alighieri. You can see it in the garden of scupltures, it is so big that you cannot miss it.




It so amazing to come closer to the "Gates of hell" and see all the details carved out, filled with emotions and at the same time they are physical like us, human beings. The muscles, the body parts are sculpted like in times of Michelangelo, from whom Rodin took inspiration.

Quite interestingly, Auguste Rodin was rejected three times by the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. Though the art specialists and professors didn't admit him to this prestigious art school, he still made his way and became a successful sculptor.

He is another great example of how hard work and persistence, mixed with passion pays off. Sooner or later. I hope you can also find a great motivation out of his story.



Is Musee Rodin better than the Louvre?

Both museums are great, but they are also very different.


If you have a enough time 'to kill' in Paris, then go for both museums. If your time is really limited, then I advise you to skip the Louvre and go to see the Musee Rodin.

The Louvre takes about 3-4 hours at least and can be very tiring with thousands of tourists flocking to see the greatest pieces, whereas Musee Rodin you can visit in 1,5 hours, including having a lovely walk in the park. It is far more relaxing and quieter than the Louvre.



The second well-known sculpture of Rodin is "The Kiss". Just like in case of "The Thinker", "The Kiss" was also inspired by the "Divine comedy" of Dante.

It represents the doomed lovers from Dante's inferno. Dante meets the lovers Paolo and Francesca in his travels around hell. They had been murdered by Francesca's husband after he discovered the lovers together. The sculpture sees them at the moment of their great passion.

I loved how Rodin was able to evoke so many emotions through his scultpres. Their dimensions, especially when we see "The Kiss" are human-like. You can feel like you're witnessing a romance, a love affair at a theatre.



Rodin drew inspiration for his scultpures from ancient Greek art. Some of you might wonder, but how he came to such perfection?

Well, he trained a lot and he even collected some pieces from ancient sculptures. In this museum there are one or two rooms where you can see his collections of ancient pieces, like torsos, hands, or feet. They are attached to the walls.

Thanks to studying them from close, he was able to learn the craft and master his talent, which took him high up in the panteon of the greatest sculptors of all times.



Hope you found this article inspiring.

Thank for stopping by!




09.04.2018 11:04:21

Frankly I prefer Musee Rodin than the Louvre. It's more intimate and peaceful. Perfect for a rendez-vous! Best, Monica

04.04.2018 17:37:58

Dear Aleksandra, you have a talent for writing. Your stories are always well-structured and give information, which not always you can find on wikipedia. Thanx a lot. I ask for more :) Dmitri

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