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Painting flowers - beginner's tutorial

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and a man cannot live without love. This love I'm talking about here can be diverse... It can also be a love for painting!

Today we're gonna go through a short tutorial on how to paint these colorful beauties of nature, which flowers are. 


You will need:

1) a canvas - any size you feel comfortable with 

2) acrylic colors: white, yellow, white, blue, green, red/pink, any you like 

3) two-three brushes and water in a plastic cup 





You can choose a color you like, but make sure it will not be attracting attention too much. Best is to use pastel colors or delicate warm and cold shades. I chose a cold bluish-gray, which emerged after I mixed gray, white, blue and turquoise. If you want to achieve a similar color, add a lot of white when you mix the colors. 

There are two ways how to put the color to the background:


a) either you paint the whole background

b) or you leave some blank space for the vase with flowers.


As soon as you covered the canvas with your preferred color, waut 10-15 minutes until it dries completely. 




The precision at this step is not so important. First, just grasp the shape of the flowers. Do the first colors and first layers of the petals. Later on we will work on details such as petals, the inside of the flowers and leaves. 




As you see, the painting at this stage has still very general shapes and is not too much detailed. I call this the impressionistic method of painting. 

Make small spots, lines and strokes, which you will later shape into flowers.






Flowers are based on geometrical figures, like a circle or a star. I decided to make the pink flowers more like star-shaped. This is the stage where you can decide on the shape of your flowers in a bouquet. Take a look at the red ones - they are simply dots, based on a circle. With the pink ones - you can differentiate the petals and the flower's inside. 


A tip: use your hands to spread the paint. try to give shape to the flowers with your fingers. I find it much easier than with a brush. 


Generally, the flowers are round-shapes, whereas the leaves are painted with simple, vertical strokes of the brush. Don't forget to give your flowers painting an impressionistic touch - tap the canvas with your fingers dipped in many colors. That's how Monet used to do it. You can feel like him now ;-)




Hope you enjoyed this short tutorial. Stay tuned and sign up to my newsletter where I keep you updated on coming workshops in Zurich and my art inspirations.


See you next time!



02.09.2018 19:32:05

Hi Aleksandra, that's a beautiful flower painting. I wish I could paint like you! You have your own style and that's what I appreciate about you. Stay great, Robin

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