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Reflections on being a woman on a Women's Day

The 8th of March has arrived and it inspired me to ponder a while about what it means to be a woman.

Who is a woman?  What she needs to be happy? Does she need to be beautiful and intelligent to attract men? 


The beginning of March reminds me about the spring time coming, birds chirping, flowers blooming and women blooming as well :-) 

The International Women's Day, for me, is a celebration of being a woman. The appreciation of the feminine part of the human spirit. The time to stop and think a bit what women give to this world. And they give something truly wonderful. Beauty, love, life, inspiration, smile, emotional excitement and an oasis to rest. 


Woman is happy when she allows herself to be a woman.





We are delicate, light beings, smiling, beautiful in our bodies and minds. Emotional, tranquil and harmonious. Full of passions, dreams and ability to give and take love. 

Women are different creations than men. Not only physically, but also energetically. 


In contemporary world we hear so much about feminism, fighting for our rights, being equal at work and earning as much money as men. Before you define youself as a 'femininst', let me take you on a short trip into history and human psychology.

In ancient times or even in the pre-history men were the ones who were going to 'work'. They were leaving their houses or chalets to go out in the world, hunt a mammoth, sometimes even face death and danger outside. Then, they were bringing the mammoth to their women, who were preparing skin rugs, clothes and warm food. Women were the ones who were creating the internal world - home. Bringing up children, taking care about the house and supporting men. Exchanging sex for food. For the mammoth. Literally. This way, both men and women kept balance between their roles and energies. They were like yin and yang. 


Yin - softness, tranquility, delicacy, feeling home, at rest, moon - female energy 

Yang - action, way, strength, activity, doing something, pursuit in the external world  - male energy 


Is it still like in those times? Unfortunately not. Yes, I say unfortunately, because nowadays women work a lot, make a career, behave like men and simly forget that they are women... How sad is that. 

I know women, who work hard, make a career, are beautiful and have successful relationships with children. Are all of them happy? No. Why?

Because in the fervour of everyday existence they forgot who they really were. Managing the deadlines, working 100%  and bringing up children makes them tired. They don't feel beautiful and delicate anymore. They took the part of the masculine energy onto themselves. Working hard, no rest and enjoyment, no time to cherish  life and awe about a butterfly crossing their path on a sunny day.


Simply ask yourself a question: when was the last time you took time off for yourself and enjoyed it? 





When you are young, they tell you: go to school, be a good girl, try hard, work more. Do this and that. 

Of course, I understand that every woman has some dreams and plans to realize. But we haven't been taught how to be a woman. How to make use of our femininity. How to be a woman that attracts real men, and not mama's-boys. 



Have you thought how pleasurable it is when you are a woman and a man opens doors for you, gives you flowers or gives you his hand while crossing the street?

Some would say that this depends if the man was brought up to be a gentleman. Yes, this can be an explanation. But I also have my own theory.


A woman who feels and behaves like a woman is in balance with her female energy. In this way she feels happy about the fact that she is a woman. When she allows herself to be a woman. To live in female energies. To unleash her vulnerability, delicacy, warm heart and fabulous smile.  Not rushing from work to home, thinking about a thousand things she needs to do before midnight.


We were born to be happy dear women. To experience emotions, to feel the universe, to give inspiration and beauty to this world. In exchange, men give us what they were created for: to bring material goods and provide strength and support. 




3. DO YOU NEED TO BE BEAUTIFUL (good looks) AND INTELLIGENT ( a high-paying job) TO ATTRACT MEN?


Tell me, how often have you seen on the street an amazing man with a mediocre woman? With a woman who looks far worse than you, even if you're far from a top model?  What's the secret you may ask. The secret lies in your behaviour, in your feminine energy.


Imagine you're a man searching for a woman. Would you rather go for woman who earns more than you, is bossy and rules in the relationship, or rather for a woman who does not earn much, but is able to give you so much beauty arising out of her emotions and delicacy?

All you need to have is a correct balance of your feminine energy. This is not easy in today's world of women who put on the trousers and carry out masculine roles in the society.



Woman's energy is passive, man's energy is active. 


Here are a couple of things you can do to take more feminine energy into yourself:

- rest in nature, walk in the forest, sit in the park

- learn to take rest and do nothing

- breathe through your belly 

- eat healthy, green foods

- take pleasure from seeing something new: an art gallery exhibition, a trip to Paris, a new dress

- be happy about being a woman

- laugh a lot :-)




Not only the 8th of March is your day as a woman. Every day is a good occassion to celebrate your femininity.


With best wishes to all of you, women




30.05.2018 12:46:13

Hi Aleksandra, This a very philosophical and metaphysical post. I deal with energies and I can confirm that it works like you described. There's feminine and masculine. Jing and Yang. These two create a unity, an amazing mix of creative energy. Cheers! Marcelina

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