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September - back to school of life

September is a special month. Leaves slowly turning yellow and brown, wind blowing stronger with every puff. It's the time when summer is gone, but winter has not yet come. It's the time to harvest the summer crops, literally as well as spiritually.


Autumn has an incredible influence on me. It's my favourite part of the year, where I create most of my art.

Children go back to school, but what about their parents and other grown-ups? We also go back from the paradise island of summer retreats and holidays back to normal life again.


Today in Zurich it was quite cold and windy. Summer weather has left us abruptly and left space for autumnal proximity. I sat down over a cup of coffee, turned on nocturnes of Chopin and started to draw.

I often think that our existence is a school of life. But this time what we learn is not maths or biology, but love, hatred, happiness, ups and downs... With no teacher but other people and ourselves. A school where not everybody manages to graduate from. Sometimes we are faced with the same 'lessons' over and over again until we finally understand something and are able to move on.


School of life provides us with many changes. A new job, a new partner, a new place of living. Autumn is the season of change. We can observe it by the changes happening in nature. Are the changes we face in our lives like leaves falling off the trees? We are so much afraid that they are gonna fall off and that we will be left with nothing, with bare branches sticking out of a tree trunk. Yet, we all realize that after autumn comes winter, and then spring and summer again...And the trees blossom again with green of their leaves and sweet smell of their pink flowers.


Marcus Aurelius in his "Meditations" wrote:

"The work of universal nature is to translate this reality to another; to change things, to take them from here and carry them there. All things are mutations, but there is equality too in their distribution. All is familiar: no cause then for fear of anything new".


Let's not be afraid of changes. They are nothing new, just leaves changing their color and form.


Happy day,





My new illustration "Autumnal proximity"


03.09.2018 08:18:40

beautifully written and so true at the same time. i like visiting your blog to find more inspiration with each next time.. cheers, anastasia

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