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Sketching Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci - a dream woman for many. Both men and women are inspired by her amazing and ageless feminine looks. 

Last month I organized art workshops on how to sketch Monica.  She was a perfect model to teach the basics of face sketching. Taking the occassion we also had an interesting chat with the participants on what beauty means to them. 

I bet many of us, women, seeing Monica Bellucci, think that we are never going to look so ravishing as she does. The thing is that we do not need to look like Monica Bellucci. We need to look like ourselves and feel great about the way we are. And we are always amazing!


Monica Bellucci once said: "I don't feel the need to prove myself to others, but to prove myself to myself". I totally agree with this statement. Don't try to please others or prove something to them, because you'll always fail. People prefer to be inspired by someone rather than convinced by their golden thoughts pouring out of their mouth. Prove yourself only to yourself. Be happy about the way you are, aappreciate and love your current beauty. 



 Getting back to sketching. To make a similar portrait of Monica Bellucci you might need the following materials:


 - paper, size A4,

 - pencils, B and HB

 - mascara Dior Addict 

 - brown and black crayons

 - orange and red acrylic colors

 - delicate lipstick, the one that you have at hand 




As you can see, the sketch is very basic. Most importantly, the proportions of the face are good and the symmetry is preserved. 

After you have made your basic sketch there comes the time to give it more flavour and sharpness. This you can achieve with pencil and crayons. The shadowing will depend on the strength of your pencil touching the paper. For a more delicate result don't press it too hard. 

I usually color the lips with a real lipstick. It gives a natural touch and glow. You don't need to buy a separate lipstick for your drawings. You can use the one you have at hand. If you are a man, just borrow the lipstick from your wife or girlfriend :-) 

I put some eye shadows or rub the very same lipstick on the eyes of Monica. The same goes for counturing the face. 


The last stage is paining the dress. I decided to use bright and juicy colors that match the blackness of the hair. Red and orange make her stand out and catch the attention of the viewer. 




This was one of my 'model' photos for my drawing:



Here are some snaphots from the latest workshops in Zurich.

It was so inspiring to see that every woman holds a different type of beauty that she reflected on her drawing. Just take a look:





Next month there will be a chance to participate in another art workshops. 

I hope the teaser from Monica Bellucci workshops inspired you to create something beautiful by reflecting the special inner beauty you have.


Fyodor Dostoyevski once said that "Beauty will save the world". You can interpret this in many ways, but for me, beauty has always been associated with women. 

Women are here to bring beauty to this world. Have you ever awed about a naked man more than a naked woman? I guess not. 


Wishing you a lovely start of the new week,





28.03.2018 11:21:12

Super pomysl z malowaniem kosmetykami :-) Pozdrawiam, Ilona

27.02.2018 08:59:20

Hi Alexandra I'm looking forward to your new art classes! Have a great day, Igor

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Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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