Aleksandra Bzdzikot



The basics of drawing - from line to still life

Join a still life drawing course, which will take you from a single line to an appropriately drawn and shaded still life. This course is short enough to be exciting and engaging and long enough to give you a an elementary base of knowledge in drawing fundamentals that are essential in creating any art. The course will cover the following topics: I. The elements of drawing. 1) line, 2) shape, 3) proportion, 4) perspective, 5) composition. We will also dig deeper to topics like measuring objects and compositions, how to find basic geometric shapes, how to draw with the grid method and most importantly, we will guide you through the process of drawing a fully shaded still life. You will get and exclusive insight to the art theory of how artists see the world and how can developing your drawing skill be the most beneficial for you: its therapeutic effect (art therapy), building self-confidence, developing cognitive abilities and more. You will learn: - to draw continuous and straight lines, - to find geometric shapes in any complex form, - to understand how perspective works, - to be able to measure objects properly, - to shade a simple object properly, - how to use the composition grid, - how to build on drawing fundamentals. Your investment: 85 CHF. Tickets through Eventbrite. Start:18:00 This course is straight to the point - there are engaging short segments which comprehensively build upon each other and takes a total beginner to an appropriately drawn Still Life.


Bergstrasse 107, 8032 Zurich

Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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