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Who am I?

Today I would like to share with you some thoughts that kept me company during the creation of my painting "Who am I?".


Humans are very curious beings and often I am puzzled by the question of who we really are. I explore this subject, as it is one of the most existential and important subjects in human history. Who are we? There can be as many answers to this question as there are people on earth.


Each of us is equipped with our inner-self, some call it a soul, while others consciousness. We are obviously not our bodies, but something far deeper and meaningful. Our body is just a tool enabling us to be in this journey of a physical reality. A beautiful and amazing tool, I must say.



With these thoughts in my head I sat down with a cup of tea to create a painting. The woman is looking at herself in the mirror, not only admiring her physical beauty, but also pondering about who she really is. She has grey-blue eyes, wonderful chestnut hair tied up in a bun, and she looks just lovely. She looks in her eyes with big interest and wonders. Is she an immortal soul, locked up in a physical body? Is she temporarily on earth? Will she incarnate again? Why is she here? What is the purpose of her life? Is life a game or school where we are expected to grow and pass further steps of advancement of our soul?


How often do you stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself these questions?



I do it every day and I feel the answer lies in us. Within ourselves. I strongly believe in what once St. Augustine said: "Noli foras ire, in te redi, in interiore homine habitat veritas". I could translate this quote as "Don't go outside, turn back into yourself. Inside humans is the truth".


In the contemporary world we spend most of the time outside of ourselves. We are distracted, we focus on our to-dos and people around us. We have lost the connection to our inside, to our heart and intuition. We don't spend much time being only with ourselves. Having these 30 minutes every day to listen to our souls. Paolo Coelho in his "The Alchemist"says exactly the same. The treasure is not at far away seas and lands. The treasure is within us. But do you have the courage to find it and use it to see the truth?


Some say we are the descendants of our ancestors, Adam and Eve. I think we are. But the story of Adam and Eve goes much deeper and can have an interstellar origin. Within our souls we have the knowledge of generations who lived before us. The history of the world and of our families is written in our energy field. Just think about it - can you spot some patterns of behaviour that you unconsciously follow? Such patterns are 'uploaded' with the moment of conception and I believe that we, humans, are not born as 'tabula rasa'.

I also believe we are energies who live in a bodily form. We are highly spiritual beings and we have powers within us that we are, unfortunately, not fully aware of.



Our bodies are perfect mechanisms, fit to exist in this dimension. If we feel pain or we are sick, I am sure this is just an effect, a hint that inside our souls we are suffering and we have energetical blocks. Our body is a temple and we should treat it like one.


When I was in Vienna, I felt captivated by this beautiful painting of Giovanni Bellini - a reneissance artist who lived in Venice. I saw the in-depth beauty of the woman and the scene with landscape outside the window. I felt touched, because I intuitively knew, that beauty is a significant part of who we are. Beauty of our bodies and beauty of our souls, our energies.



Have the courage to explore and ask yourself questions. This will allow you to grow and develop your intution.  Though we may not find the exact answer, its echos are still present in our souls. Dare to listen. Dare to dream and construct your own reality. Dare to be yourself - a powerful being which is able to do anything it wishes.







20.11.2017 15:02:43

Great post Alexandra! Regards from Florence, xx Tom

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