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Why planning your days is so important?

I have always loved planners, notebooks and calendars. Though not always I have been a person who was planning everything in her life. It happened that I was buying beautiful planners, but they stayed empty inside or the plans I had created for given days didn't work out due to lack of self-discipline.


How about you? Do you sometimes feel that time is slipping through your fingers and 24 hours is not enough to do everything, which you have planned?


Welcome in the club :-) I used to feel this way as well, until I realized that each day of my life is so precious and it will never return again, never be the same again.

I bet now you can oppose and say: "My days look the same, because I go to work and I do the same things every single day".Well, if you believe it's true, then it becomes true for you. Just think for a second: your body undergoes changes every day and your cells die and new ones emerge in their place.

You are not the same person that you were one year ago. And this is positive news! It means you can learn something new and change your behavioral patterns, like the above mentioned lack of self-discipline.


How to do it efficiently? Plan your days.



Most of people try to get through the day. They are stuck in average ordinary life with no space for something amazing. They complain that they have too much on their shoulders. The truth is, everyone does, to a certain degree, the same activities during their days. Like taking a shower in the morning, having breakfast, lunch, dinner. Doing the shopping. Driving to work. Taking the dog for a walk. These repeatable activities make a significant part of your day.


That's why it's good to plan them well and enjoy them. The secret lies in planning, thanks to which you are able to use every minute of your day efficiently and fulfil your dreams step by step. This doesn't have to be difficult. But frankly - it is. Why?


Planning makes you evaluate your time and energy. When you plan, you realize that you are able to achieve more. The things that get planned, get done.

So, what is the recipe for successful planning?





1. Cut out 15 minutes from your time to plan the next day.

When Zurich is still asleep and tosses to the right side, I get up and work with my planner to plan my day. I like early mornings and this is the time when everything is so quiet  and I am not disturbed by different things. I take my calendar, light a small aromatic candle and think what I would like to pursue this day. If you work, you know that the biggest part of your day is taken by the job you do. But still, you can plan time before work and after. Especially when you realize that you don't have so much time left to do the things you want.


2. Write in your calendar the plan for your day.

Each day is unique. You can make it unique. Time is your most precious gift - don't waste it. Days are slipping into weeks, and weeks are slipping into months. Then, you suddenly wake up one day and ask yourself: where is my life? Where did it go?

Writing in your calendar helps you to get control over your life. You can quickly assess what you have done for the last week and how far you are on the way to reach your goal.


Each day I plan a small activity, that will unleash my creativity. Today it was: "making a photo session for the post on my blog about planning". When writing in your planner be specific - write the title of the book you want to read or how many pages you want to read every day.




3. Make it your habit.

This is the toughest part, which requires self-discipline. When you start to do something for the first time you are excited. But with third or forth time, your old patterns and habits come to the surface. The key here is to overcome the preliminary difficulty in planning. You may not wake up earlier to make the notes in your calendar or you can say you're too busy and that you have the to-do list in your head. Believe me, you don't. Days are long, many things happen, stress at work and you suddenly forget about your plans or wishes. That's why it's crucial to set planning as your daily ritual. Think of it like taking a shower. Just do it. After three months, it will become a new habit and you will do it almost automatically.


4. Use strategic time blocking

This method can bring wonders to your world! Block the time for your most important task or plan of a given day. That means, block it from the influence of other people, electronic devices and other distractions. Entirely focus. It can be working 1-hour on your project or reading a book without having your iPhone close by and checking your facebook feed.


5. Be honest with yourself

Avoid self-betrayal. You wrote something in your planner and you didn't do it? Maybe you planned too many things for one day?

We are humans and we use our energy for all the tasks we want to do. Use your energy wisely. Do not plan in excess. Find the time to take rest.

Also, if you won't manage to do one or two points from your list do not panic. Just fit them in your plans for the next days. It quite often happens to me that I schedule to make a research about a topic that interests me, but at the end of the day I am simply too tired. Then, I don't push and  re-schedule the research to another day.



Life is a short ride. Do not postpone your greatness. Planning will help you to trace down your steps, your dreams, your plans and the mode of their realization.

Wake up each day radiating love and strength, regardless of whether you’re at the peak of the mountain or lost in the valley of heartbreak.

I know that you long to feel more alive. To pursue your dreams. To make your life more beautiful.

Imagine that every day you invest 10-15 minutes and then what you get in return depends on you. On what you have scheduled and done.  Plan your days, goals, dreams  - plan your success.


If you're searching for a perfect planner for 2018, I can recommend beautifully designed calendars with my women illustrations. This planner keeps me company every day and I adore starting my morning with it in my hands. You can buy it in my online shop.



Designed with love to make your dreams happen.


Have a great day and remember that what gets planned, gets done.



24.04.2018 11:13:04

So true Aleksandra. I'm pursuing the method of getting up early and thus I am able to get more things done. Thanks for a beautiful inspiration. All the best from California, Sandra :-)

26.11.2017 00:00:30

Geat article. Wrote with humour. Make me smile. I feel motivate and inspired right now. I was planing speel longer tomorrow. Thank you for Ola for motivation, I will get up at 6am and I would like you calendar for 2018

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