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Why you should write down your New Year's resolutions?

It's 1st of January 2018. Another return of the year. An exciting further journey into this world.

This is the time when I sit over a cup of coffee and make the evaluation of the past year and new plans for the 'Grand Opening', as I call the beginning of the New Year.


Why it's important to make plans and put them on paper?


Let me share with you my personal experience related to this issue.



I've always made lists of things I want to achieve, of inspirations or my dreamed travel destinations. Last year, in January of 2017, I have comprised a list of  ten goals or dreams that I would like to pursue and make them happen. Now seeing them in my 2017 notebook, I smile to myself. Why? Because the goal number one on my list was to "develop and sell my artworks and travel around the world having exhibitions".

Above, you can see a photo from my last art exhibition in Vienna, Austria. Incredible. I made it happen. How?


I have simply put it on my list as my goal number one. If you don't put your dreams on paper there is a slim chance that they will come true. Why?


1) You don't know what you want or where you're going

2) You cannot track your progress

3) You don't see the dreams when you open your calendar or notebook, thus, you're not focused on realizing them


Some of my greatest ideas were born out of random moments. If I hadn't opened my notebook and written them down immediately, I would have forgotten about them.

It doesn't matter if you put your new resolutions on paper or on your phone. But, you need to put them somewhere, so that they will not evaporate from your memory.



Some people don't know what they want from life or where are they going. If you feel stuck with your life or uncertain about the future I have a solution for you. Book one hour of your time, so that no one can disturb you. You can put your favourite music on or light a candle. Allow yourself to dream. Ask yourself what do you want. Where do you wanna go, what would you like to accomplish. Maybe you've always dreamed of visiting New York or doing skydiving? Maybe you want to change your job for a better one? Or start a family? You dream and you decide. It's your life and you are the capitain :-)

I am sure you'll find many new ideas and new resolutions to go after.


What is my resolution for 2018?


As some of you have already seen, I have opened up my You Tube channel called "Let's talk ART". My goal is to give short art talks about the most interesting artworks in the history of art. I love art and have always been crazy about it. I asked myself: why don't I share my knowledge with the world and maybe inspire others to appreciate art and beauty? I didn't have to think about it for too long - I decided to go for it!


Making videos is something new and pretty exciting for me. I hope you'll learn some interesting facts not only about artworks but also about sometimes turbulent life of artists. This is the link to my channel and the two paintings I talk about:


1) "Frenzy of exultations" Wladyslaw Podkowinski:



2) "Naked woman in front of the mirror" Giovanni Bellini



Enjoy :-)


Happy New Year and happy planning!





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Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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