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Woman with pearls - patience is the key to build something that lasts

Today I would like to share with you an important notion of patience and how it interacts with our daily routine and the things we want to build in our lives.


Yes, even in drawing or painting you need patience to achieve the results you want. Many of you ask me in your emails or on my social media for how long I have been painting and what it takes to do it well and be successful. I think this is a subject for another post, a very personal one. As I have written in the title of this post - patience is the key to build everything you want. This is my story as well.

I have been painting and drawing since I was a small girl. So, now you can assess how many years of practice, failures and constant work it takes to achieve something that lasts. I hope my art will last longer than me - well, this is the dream of every artist, I believe :)


Okay, now I will take you on a journey where you will see how I created one of my feminine illustrations "Woman with pearls". Hope my creative tips will be handy for you!



I start first with organizing my creative space and equipping it with the materials that I need. I don't like to be distracted when I create, therefore I prepare everything beforehand. With the exception of second and third coffee, in case one is not sufficient.


My women illustrations are made not only with pencil, but also with acrylic and cosmetics. In fact, cosmetics are my favourite when it comes to drawing women. They are delicate, can be used to make a good shadowing and add a sparkle to the overall image of a woman. Usually, I don't buy cosmetics just to make drawings, I use the ones I have for putting my make-up on. While doing "Woman with pearl" I was using eyeshadows by L'Oreal, blush by Benecos, a bronzing powder by Sephora and a nail polish by Kiko.




I make the basic sketch, making sure that the face looks proportional and symmetrical. The pencils I use vary from H, HB to B2 or B3. This stage ususally is the longest one. Before my final sketch looks as I wish it to look, it takes some trials and errors. Don't get discouraged if the shape of the eyes or lips gets out of control. Remember that patience is neccesary at this stage. Why? Because you are making a prototype, a basis for your painting. Therefore, it needs to be good. Take as much time you need to complete this stage.



Time for first shadowing! Here, I use the bronzing powder, which works very nice to make some shadows. You can achieve it also with pencil, by rubbing some spots, so that the color merges and becomes intense. Be careful not to overdo it, as it's easy to get carried away with shadowing. Just make it natural.

Imagine some parts of a woman's body and face are enlighted by the sun, while others remain in the shadow.




Second shadowing and adding more colors. Here I add some blush on the cheeks to gain a fresh look and work more with bronze and black eyeshadows. I do more shadowing onto the body and put bronze color on the hair. Then just rub it with my fingers. As soon as I finished with shadowing the details, I put some color on the lips. This time it was burgundy and I used Kiko nail polish for this.



Time for painting! At this stage I decide to paint the background of the illustration with white and add some color to the pearls. I use white acrylic and delicately paint the background. Make sure not to use too much water, as the paper grasps water very quickly and then some not wished marks come up when it dries.



I finish the pearls and make them emerald-white. To achieve this color I mix dark green and white acrylic. Then, I take a break and let the acrylic dry. It usually takes around 15 minutes.

Before I make a finishing touch, I take the pencil again and slighlty make the contours of the body and face more visible.


Voila! My illustration is ready:



If you would ask me how long it took me to make this illustration I would not be able to tell you exactly.

When I paint I don't count the time. Naturally, the toughest part is the first stage - making a good basic sketch. Sometimes I need half an hour to do that and sometimes one or more. It is very individual. Don't worry if it's not going to work the first time, you always have additional sheets of paper and you can start again.


Be patient with yourself because only in such a way you can create something amazing. Don't stress, panic or be sad. Just let your flow go and take your time.



Being patient is not easy. However, it helps you to grow your own game and focus on the results you want to achieve.

Great things take time. Patience is the skill worth cultivating as in the long run it will take you where you want to be.


Hope my short tutorial was of interest to you and don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions.


See you next time,








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