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Beauty to unveil - painting women

Why do I paint women? Many of you wonder what is the difference between painting landscapes and painting women.

A different type of beauty. A beauty to unveil.


Being a woman is a unique experience of a feminine soul. A woman's journey in this world is filled with awakening your feminine heart and energy.

It's not always just about looks, because real beauty shines deep within and sparkles through the eyes of a woman.


"Hebe" - my new illlustration


Painting women for me is unveiling deep-hidden beauty and uncovering the mystery of a feminine soul. Woman is the crown of creation - the most intricate, dazzling creature on earth. She has a crucial role to play, a role which is different than that of a man. That's why we were created to be so different. To fit together like yin and yang or like partners in crime.


It has always been a great pleasure for me to draw or paint women, because in this way I uncover my feminine soul and breathe life into the women I create.

Why don't I create men portraits or animals? Well, have you seen many paintings of  man?

It is the beauty of women that was celebrated everywhere, hundreds of times in painting and art. Man shows his strength in action, whereas woman in her beauty - her eyes, her voice, her heart, her spirit.


                                                                                       My illustration "Judith"


When I paint women I give my best to reflect the soul in their eyes, to catch a delicate emotion of pleasure, smile or thoughtfulness. The eyes are the doors to the soul, therefore I focus on transferring real life to the women I create. Eyes can tell you everything that words cannot.


Beauty is an essence that is given to every woman. Regardless of the shape of her figure, the colour of lipstick that she wears or the size of her breasts.

And that it why beauty is so powerful and inviting.


                                                                          My illustration "Bella" in my bathroom :)


Until next time!



Art & Success

Every artist who creates art wants to be successful. But what is success to you?

Success means something different for each of us. For some, it will be the appreciation of the art critics and publicity, for others money and turning your art into a prosperous business.


I wanted to share with you my insights on what success means to me, as lately I was published in two international art books curated by US curators and gallery owners, which is a big success for me! It's a great opportunity to define what success means to me personally and share this with you. 



Success is when I do what I love. This is rule number one for me. PASSION. 

I am an artist because I adore the process of creating and bringing an artwork into life. Making it last forever, as something I have created with my own hands.

This is precious for me. Creating with my own hands, getting dirty with the paints and dizzy with the smell of terpentine. I think it the era of technology people have forgotten how great and fun it is to create something with your own hands.


Success is when people appreciate my art. Rule number two. APPRECIATION and RECOGNITION.

So often I get feedback on social media like facebook or instagram that people like my work. This literally gives me wings to fly even higher with my art. 

In 2016 I was chosen by curators of World Wide Art Books - US-based publishing house dedicated to promotion of contemporary art - to appear in their art book "Current Masters 2". When out of the blue I received an email from them my happiness had no limits. I agreed instantly, as I knew that they are professionals with established reputation as art curators in the US. The result of our cooperation is one page publication of my art biography and two chosen artworks. 

The book looks great and I am so excited to be a part of it!



In 2017 another success came came in with my publication in the art book "International Contemporary Masters XI", which is the latest publication of WWAB.

This art book includes artwork by one hundred artists from all over the world and provides a diverse retrospective into modern art. I'm delighted to be included as one of the one hundred amazing and talented artists.



Success is when people buy my artwork. Rule number three. MONETARY GAIN. 

I create art for people, because for me as an artist, it makes my heart smile when I see that people buy my paintings and hang them in their living rooms or working premises. Thus, they have a unique artwork with an energetic signature of the artist instead of a cheap painting copy of some painters. To be frank, I have nothing against buying artwork wherever you like, but in my view, if you'd like to go for quality and something one of its kind - choose a real, original artwork.


Naturally, making sales is a sign of appreciation for me. I work on commissions and my last one was making an ink illustration of contemporary London for a lady who was going to wedding of her friends who love London. It's a splendid occassion to expand my abilities and practise drawing architecture. 

Working on commissions is a fascinating subject as the artist needs to 'tune in' a bit to the vision of the client. But I will leave this subject for another post on my blog. 

I think it's essential to state that making money on art is a sign of appreciation, recognition and art mastery at the same time. 


I truly love the fact that my art career is taking on speed and I am looking forward to new things and art projects coming up!

The art books in which I was published you can buy directly from World Wide Art Books. Check the link below:

I have some copies of the "International Contemporary Masters XI" left, so please let me know if you would be interested in getting one with a reduced price.



See you next time!



Painting landscapes. Spring.

There's always something spectacular about landscapes. The way they are, the way they change their colours and lights depending on the seasons.

Landscapes have been my great and never-ending inspiration. Are you curious why?


Who doesn't love vibrant colours and beauty of the surrounding nature? All great artists have created works getting the inspiration from nature. 

Spring is a special season - the season when the cycle of rebirth begins. The flowers are blooming, the leaves emerge to their full greenery and shape, the scenery begins to prepare for the most fruitful time of the year - summer. 


 My painting "In bloom" oil on cardboard 


I love painting landscapes as they generate intense emotions in me and I am grateful I can reflect through my own perception what I see. I think each of us sees the world a bit differently. Therefore, painters and art masters always show you their world through their masterpieces. it's a great opportunity to learn to look at things the way you haven't looked before. 


My painting "Spring awakening" oil on canvas 


For me, it is essential to paint in different light, seasons and moods. Each landscape, even if you paint it twice, will never be the same. The outside world is in constant movement and you cannot recreate yesterday's sunset.

You can only catch the moment and make it last eternally on a painting. The next day, not only the outside world will change but also you will be different. Your emotions, mood you are in and your thoughts. They all influence the creation process. 


         My painting "Spring" oil on canvas


When painting nature I use my imagination and mix my own colours. 

Pablo Picasso once said: "They'll sell you thousands of greens. Veronese green and emerald green and cadmium green and any sort of green you like; but that particular green, never". 

The variety and intensity of colors in nature is impossible to imitate. If yes, you could have thousands of green colours sold at art shops. It's not about buying ready-made paints and giving them a go on a canvas. The fun part starts when you mix the colours, the greens that you bought. Then, you can come up with a green that even no one has previously used! Isn't that great? Mix and mingle, try and test for yourself. 


My painting is strongly influenced by impressionism. Since I was a child I got interested in this art movement and remember vividly that at art classes in primary school I painted my first landscape - it was a copy of Paul Cezanne "Mount Sainte-Victoire". It was this moment when I got enchanted by impressionism.


Since that time I enjoy creating my own interpretation of what I perceive. 

The below painting "Heaven" presents corn field in mud, just after the rain fell down. Inside there is a paddle on the ground with a reflection of a beautiful sky. As above so below. Everything depends on your perspective. 


You can find beauty in the middle of muddy landscape, on a rainy day and during the storm. 

Adapt your perception. Free your mind. Explore. 


My painting 'Heaven' oil and acrylic on cardboard 

See you soon!



How to arrange artwork in your interior?

Some of my clients ask me what is the best way to find a good place and arrangement for an artwork in their apartment.


Usually, people buy a beautiful art piece and then wonder what would be the best place to hang it. Some art lovers already know it, and before they buy a painting, they have a picture of the wall of their living room in their head. Lucky ones! For those who want to know the essentials of art placing and hanging here are some useful tips.


painting - "Pearl of beauty"




Why a living room is the best place to hang an artwork? First of all, usually living room is the heart of the apartment and the social space.

Both guests and home-dwellers are seated usually in the living room and it's a great place to display your favourite painting. A single art piece in a nice frame above the sofa will surely attract the attention of guests and brighten up the living space. 


                                                                                     illustration "Wind in my hair" and painting "Lake of Zurich"





Although some consider hanging artworks in the kitchen as whims, lately it's gaining more on popularity. 

If you have a nicely designed kitchen and you want to hang a painting you should do it! Hang art in a place where it won't get damaged by water or heat. Make sure that you protect it from the kitchen 'smells' and spilling of liquids on it. A good frame with a solid glass should shield your art piece from the kitchen dangers :)


                                                                                  painting "Midnight bloom"




If you have a fireplace a perfect spot for hanging your painting is just above it. Make sure your artwork matches the style of the fireplace and the whole interior. 

In modern interiors it's worth to place art like fashion illustration - it will add a contemporary touch to the place.

Here, you can see my illustration 'Dolce', which was inspired by fashion models appearing on a runway of Dolce & Gabbana. 


                                                                                                 illustration "Dolce"




Bedroom is the place of rest, relax and chill out. Therefore, I would suggest to hang a landscape in the bedroom. Why? Landscapes ease your mind and help you to relax. Serene sceneries will help you to forget about the difficulties of the day. 


                                                                              painting "Fields of joy"




It can be a study room, a library, corridor or any place you particularly like. Here, you can see my illlustration "In black" as a part of mix-and-match gallery. 

The so-called gallery arrangements are easy solutions for blank walls. Include more than just one framed art and remember to match the artworks - by colours, by the color of the frames or by the art subject.


illustration "In black"


My above artworks diplayed in the interiors are for sale. If you'd like to get one of these or a personal advice on interior decoration just contact me.


Until next time!









What inspires an artist? A glimpse into my day

It's a question that most of the artists regularly hear, "What inspires you as an artist?"

Inspiration is something crucial for an artist. Without question, each artist has their own set of influences that bring inpsiration to their creativity.


Today I want to share with you my personal drives that contribute to the creation of my artworks and boost my creative mood.

How does my creative day look like?


First of all, it's very important for me to start the day well. I wake up in the early morning and prepare myself for the day. 

Before I start drawing or painting I need to to have a clean desk with no mess around. Some of you can ask "why that matters?" For me it is essential to have the ability to focus and when you have too many distracting things around it's difficult to focus entirely on your work, whether it's a painting or excel calculations. 


Then, it's coffee time! I adore coffee and cannot imagine my life without it. Sometimes, for the balance of my body I prepare a freshly squeezed orange juice. It tastes amazing and provides me with vitamins to boost my body and mind. 



In the morning I do some sketches or I collect some inspirations for my artworks. For women portraits I often browse fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle Italia. I find a lot of inspiration there. Especially women, who are photographed in a high fashion style and emanate elegance, delicacy and inner strength.

I can practise drawing human silhuettes and faces on the basis of Vogue :) My favourite is, naturally, Vogue Italia.


After working on a drawing or a painting I do some breaks to evaluate my work and let some fresh ideas to settle in. I go out and do a lot of walking. I have a beautiful forest near my apartment and it gives me so many emotions with the beauty of its nature.

I love flowers and they are a never-ending source of inspiration for me as well. Their shapes, colours, smell and inner structure strike my senses.

On my working desk I always have a bouque of fresh flowers. I adore photographing flowers to catch their beauty. Below you can see anemone - one of the first flowers announcing the return of the spring time.



For an artist the place of living and proximity of nature is essential to his or her creative powers. I'm very happy to live in Switzerland - an emerald 'island' in the center of Europe full of crystal clear lakes, breathtaking mountains and pristine wilderness.

Every weekend I do a long walk to one of the lakes in Zurich canton. It's so beautiful, you can see it below:



Swiss nature is a perfect inspiration for painting landscapes. Basically, I can paint what I see without the need to browse some photographs on the internet.


Apart from being in the nature I like visiting local art museums. I think museums are a great school for every aspiring artist as well as for an art lover.

Why? You have an opportunity to see real masters, most importantly, to see their artworks live, where you can see clearly the techniques they used and the strokes of the brush. It's a great lesson and honour to see Botticelli, Monet or Michelangelo and take example from them.

It's a memorable learning experience!


Did you know that you can see Botticelli also in Poland? Lately I have visited amazing Cracow and in Wawel Castle there is one of his paintings. I recognized it without even looking at the description. If you want to see his great paintings you can go to Florence, the birthplace of Reneissance and many other great artists.

I'd love to go there again this year.


Usually I finish my day with a nice walk. Yes, I know, I do a lot of walking! But being outside in the sun and among chirping birds is something I like.

One of my favourite places in Zurich is Arboretum in Zurich, a beautiful park and a botanical garden in one.


 It's up to you to see the beauty of every day things. Let the world surprise you. And don't forget to smile!





Graphics from my travels

Do you bring some souvenirs from the places where you travelled to? 

I love travelling and discovering new places - seeing everything with my own eyes and from my personal perspective, which changes with time and experience. 


When I travel, I always try to bring with me a sketchbook and ink pen/pencil to be able to draw what catches my attention.

I immerse totally in the landscape or a building - my inspiration has no borders and there is so much beauty in this world to discover.

Over a year ago I spent some wonderful summer days in Geneva where I have made a graphic of the promenade du Lac Leman, sitting in a lovely park near the lake. 



The best in 'live' sketching is definitely a total immersion in the landscape I draw. The time ceases to exist and there is only me and the moment. 

I appreciate such moments very much and they provide me with connection to the nature of this universe and never-ending inspiration.


One of such amazing places was Palermo - the city full of churches and architectural impressions:



During my travels it is quite difficult to take with me the painting equipment, which consists of a canvas, brushes and many oil and acrylic colors. That's why, bringing a piece of paper and a pen is a great idea for being creative while travelling. It doesn't take too much space in the bag and it's comfortable to carry. 


Southern Europe is one of my favourite travel destinations and here you can see some other graphics that I created - 'Rome', 'Rhodos' and 'The Florence of the South':





A personal graphic can serve as a good gift for a travel lover. Instead of buying souvenirs, which are produced on a mass scale, you could invest in a personal hand-made graphic. I am pretty sure it would give a taste of modern design in any apartment. 


Lately, being super excited with my exhibition in New York I have made a graphic of this spectacular city. That's how I picture it in my imagination:


 What would be my next destination? It's still a surprise, even for me ;)




Why invest in emerging artists?

 Art is always about feelings. That's why an artist is, in my interpretation, a messenger of feelings, which can be expressed by the colors used, by the facial expression of a person on the painting or by the painting style. Art is about conveying beauty and ideas.

Having said that, here comes the question: is it worhwile to invest in beauty and ideas? is is something that can last and produce an income?


Some art critics say that 'no one should buy works of art for investment' as art is for 'pleasure and enlightment'. I can agree with this statement to some extent. I think people are drawn to art not only to experience the beauty and pleasure of looking at the artwork they like, but also to invest and make some money on it.

One doesn't harm the other.  Just the contrary - it's the perfect opportunity, especially for young and emerging artists to appreciate their work and provide them with financial means to develop their art. There's even more to that. The initial investment on emerging artists is relatively low and the potential for big return is quite high. 


So, why invest in emerging artists? 



Their artworks are accessibly priced and you don't need to spend a fortune to buy a piece of art you really like. 


Emerging artists provide you with a fresh look on art in general. Quite often they come up with new painting styles or convey beauty in an unexpected and new manner. You receive something that most art collectors do not neccessarily have in their collection. Instead of rushing to buy something artistic at IKEA you can go for something unique and created with a passion. 


As regards the financial return it is not easy to predict if the artist from which you bought an art piece will become successful in the long run and if you would make any profit from your artwork in the future. This uncertainty is related to the fact that young artists usually do not have an established exhibition record. Art investment in general is unregulated. It is often illiquid, meaning that you may not be able to sell when you want, and art, unlike equities, bonds or property, does not produce a steady income. 

Nonetheless, apart from financial return there is a different type of return that not all people or art investors are aware of. 

By this I mean getting the joy and inspiration from the artwork you bought.


Every time you look at the painting it will charge you with positive emotions of beauty, joy and inspiration. When you buy an art piece it means you really like it. Otherwise you wouldn't have bought it. It's a bit similar to the way we women buy shoes :-) Women would never buy shoes which they don't like. 


Starting with affordable art you have the possibility to develop your taste and see what you're drawn to. With no big investements in the beginning you can experiment and establish your taste for art. It's more difficult when you buy art from more established artist with a reputation. Here you need to take into account big investment expenditures. 


Life is too short to be invested on superficial things. 

Art is a deep message from the artist to the receiver of the artwork. The artowork exists to be appreciated and to evoke feelings. I appreciate my creations every day: I look at my paintings while having a morning coffee and it sets me into positive mood for the day. 








The power of femininity

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? I am sure you do, I have some as well :)

This year I want to expand on my art, painting and illustration and devote more time to my biggest passion. Today please welcome my new painting  "Ther power of femininity".





My latest drawing entitled "Anima" is a portrait of young woman.
It has been drawn on a rose coloured paper with black pen, lipstick and pink nail polish (the scarf).

The inspiration for the drawing was one of my favourite songs of the Italian singer Pino Daniele "Anima", which can be translated as "Soul".

In fact, while painting or drawing a human, the biggest challenge is to reflect the soul of the person. That's why eyes are the most important feature - they have to be full of life, not empty. They have to seduce, tell a certain story behind, so that the painting evokes feelings and takes you away to a different world. To the world of art, where everything is possible.

Aleksandra Bzdzikot


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