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Beauty to unveil - painting women

Why do I paint women? Many of you wonder what is the difference between painting landscapes and painting women.

A different type of beauty. A beauty to unveil.


Being a woman is a unique experience of a feminine soul. A woman's journey in this world is filled with awakening your feminine heart and energy.

It's not always just about looks, because real beauty shines deep within and sparkles through the eyes of a woman.


"Hebe" - my new illlustration


Painting women for me is unveiling deep-hidden beauty and uncovering the mystery of a feminine soul. Woman is the crown of creation - the most intricate, dazzling creature on earth. She has a crucial role to play, a role which is different than that of a man. That's why we were created to be so different. To fit together like yin and yang or like partners in crime.


It has always been a great pleasure for me to draw or paint women, because in this way I uncover my feminine soul and breathe life into the women I create.

Why don't I create men portraits or animals? Well, have you seen many paintings of  man?

It is the beauty of women that was celebrated everywhere, hundreds of times in painting and art. Man shows his strength in action, whereas woman in her beauty - her eyes, her voice, her heart, her spirit.


                                                                                       My illustration "Judith"


When I paint women I give my best to reflect the soul in their eyes, to catch a delicate emotion of pleasure, smile or thoughtfulness. The eyes are the doors to the soul, therefore I focus on transferring real life to the women I create. Eyes can tell you everything that words cannot.


Beauty is an essence that is given to every woman. Regardless of the shape of her figure, the colour of lipstick that she wears or the size of her breasts.

And that it why beauty is so powerful and inviting.


                                                                          My illustration "Bella" in my bathroom :)


Until next time!



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