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Why I visit museums and art galleries?

Some of you might think it's a boring to-do activity on your list when you visit a city, but actually, it is far more fascinating. 



1. You  discover the code of genius and mastery.


What I mean by this, is not only learning the painting techniques or observing the painting style of a painter. Most importantly, the artworks are the witnesses and, at the same time, the results of the strong will of the painter to go after his or her dreams. 


You see that the exposed artworks are exceptional and the painter exceeded in his mastery. Whenever I lack energy or inspiration I visit a museum or an art gallery. When I see that some artists, who came from a very simple background, could make it up to such an exceptional level, I feel empowered that I can do it as well. 

This year I visisted Musee d'Orsay in Paris. In order not to get too tired of visiting this museum (yes! strolling around and taking in artistic energy can be tiring) I came there with a plan to focus on impressionists and their mastery. The number of artworks can be overwhelming, so I suggest to make a plan what you would like to focus on most of all. Then, learn how to crack the code of genius of your chosen painter.


2. You boost your creativity and recharge.


Ususally when people hear "art gallery" they associate this word with pompous, fancy and "hoity-toity" place with expensive artworks that they could never afford to buy.

Is this the the picture of how it really is?


Very unlikely. Of course, the price range is wide, depending on the stand of the artist in the art market. But still, in smaller cities or cities where art market is the biggest (like London or New York) you can find unique pieces in an affordable price.

I like strolling through galleries - please note, that to every gallery the admission is free and you don't need to pay to see the paintings. I drink my coffee, go to a gallery, spend some time there, read about the artist and get inspired - either by his/her art or by the biography. I explore, recharge and interpet what I see.

Each painting has a story to tell. Appreciate it. 


The painting below made a big impression on me - "The birth of Venus" by a French painter William Bouguereau.

Near the end of his life he described his love for art: "Each day I go to my studio full of joy; in the evening when obliged to stop because of darkness I can scarcely wait for the next morning to come...If I cannot give myself to my dear painting  I am miserable".


Passion needs constant work and focus, it needs your love to flourish.




2. Museums and art galleries are portfolios of passion.


If the painters whose artwork you see in the museum were not passionate about what they do, they wouldn't have been hanging there and you wouldn't have learned about them at school. It's the result of their passion what your eyes see. 


I go to museums to learn that everything is possible. If you want you can become a master in your craft, just like William Bouguereau, who was born in the family of wine and olive merchants and made his way to become an art master. 


You can make your way too!

Below one of my favourite pictures: artist Bzdzikot with artist Renoir.



Until next time,




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