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Brilliant ways to make an art studio at home

Many of you ask me where I create my art and if I have a professional art studio.

Personally, I think one does not need an art studio to create. Sometimes what you need is some art space, which can be a part of your apartment where you will indulge in the creative process and make wonderful art pieces.


So, where do we begin? Have you sharpened your pencils to start?

If yes, let's start and let me invite you to a personal guided tour of my atelier.



If you really want to make art and creativity a part of your life and your every day practice I am sure you can find a space for that.

It doesn't have to be an ideal artistic studio. It can be a separate room, a part of a room, a corner or even a simple desk and a drawer! There are no limitations here.

It's like with everything, which is important in your life - you give it time and space.




This is exactly what I did - I divided a part of my apartment and organised my art space in there. Frankly speaking, my whole apartment looks like an art gallery. But I have a special corner where I have my working desk and a drawer for painting materials.


1. Find a space for working on your art

I can tell from experience that in case you don't have a separate room for your painting, finding a corner in your room works equally good.


2. Furnish it with basic things for your art materials

I took over a corner in my apartment where I put my desk and a small cupboard for my paints, paper, brushes and other art materials.

The desk can be a normal desk for study or a spacious table that sometimes will be converted into your art desk. My desk is very simple - from Ikea and I have painted it in pastel blue to personalize it more.



What things I keep on my desk to make pleasure out of my painting experience?

I always have some fresh flowers and many pens, pencils and brushes. On the side, I usually put some fashion magazines like Elle Italia to get some inspiration for my women portraits and work on my Italian at the same time. My desk needs to be clean before I start the creative process. It's like cleaning not only the physical space around you but also the mental one. It helps me to focus instantly on my work.

Last but not least - coffee :-) I am a huge coffee lover and a cup of a good coffee is essential for me. Usually I drink Lavazza - one of my favourite brands. I am quite picky as to coffee, and it needs to be a genuine one and of good quality.


3. Repurpose an old piece of furniture like a cupboard for storage

When I moved to Switzerland my friend gave me a small, old wooden cupboard which I painted white and converted into art supplies storage place.

I put there my inspirational materials, paper supplies ans my illustrations. Acrylic and oil paints are stored in the blue box. It works perfectly and stands beside my working desk.



Those of you who are artists ask me what kind of paints I use and in which technique I paint. As you are well aware, there exist many techniques and styles of painting, starting with watercolous and ending with oil. I work best with acrylic and oil and the brands I use are various.

For oil painting I like good quality paints like: Van Dyck and Mussini. For acrylic I use the basic ones, which mix well with one another. As you see below, apart from coffee I am a fan of beautiful scents. Currenlty, I have a Diptyque candle that I like to light in the evenings to boost my senses.



4. Feel good and resourceful in your art space

Do you sometimes worry that you are not good enough? Do you have thoughts that you're mediocre in what you do? Such thoughts appear in our heads from time to time but sometimes they can overwhelm you during your painting process. It is natural, that we, people, have doubts about ourselves and our capabilites. However, everybody wants to feel good and flourish in their craft. Is there a magic pill for that?


I would say that yes. There is. For me it's the sense of freedom.


When I sit myself by my painting table everything around slowly ceases to exist. I don't focus on whether I will create something nice and if people will like it. In this moment, I do not care about the opinion of others or the way I look or if I am good enough to be a painter. I don't need that information. I am not afraid of being critised or being my true self. This is freedom for me. And it is with that feeling that I sit by my table and paint.


Focusing on the present helps me to bring out my sincerest feelings and put them on the paper. It is the process which in the end brings you amazing results. This process is the resource of all my artistic skills. Imagine a wave on the ocean - its essence is to be in the movement, in the process. When the wave freezes - it's not a wave any more. I think it's the same with painting - use your wave to get access to true resources within you. Life is fluid. Only when you think about your life in your memory you see images, scenes like in a movie. They are frozen waves.


Don't stop surfing on your wave. Stay alive and enjoy your creativity!





See you next time!



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Receive weekly dose of art inspirations and a free E-BOOK when you sign up!

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