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My art exhibition in Udine - impossible is nothing


This month I have participated in a collective art exhibition "Summer Art" in beautiful Udine. This adorable town is located near the border with Slovenia and is surrounded by small hills, montains and clear rivers. The vernissage was set for Saturday, 8.07.2017 and I was delighted to be one of the exhibiting artists. 



The art expo in Galleria ART time in Udine, despite being a success in my art career, has also meant something very personal for me. I would like to tell you a story, which happened on my way there and which made me realize something important. 


Before the vernissage, I decided to send my artworks by courier, simply because they didn't fit in my luggage. To be on the safe side, as they say, I shipped the paintings a week before the vernissage. Three days later, I was making a 2-days stop in Milan before my trip to Udine. While relaxing in my hotel, I got informed by my gallery that my artworks were stopped by the Italian customs for an unknown reason. To surprise me even more, the customs officials said that they were not going to release them soon. Despite the fact, that I did everything according to the law and attached all necessary documents, the package was stopped for an inspection.


Can you imagine going to your vernissage knowing your artworks would not arrive on time?


At first, I was really worried and got frustrated about the situation. It was aready 6 pm in Milan and the next morning I had a train to Udine. At that moment, laying on my hotel bed, I realized that however bad the situation is, I still have a choice. What kind of choice you might ask?

The choice on how to react about this situation. Either to break down, cry and fall in despair just by thinking that I would be the only artist without paintings or do something about it. I still had one more day to go. 


It was 6 pm in Milano when I literally jumped out of my hotel and rushed to the city to buy some art supplies. I said to myself: okay, my artworks will not arrive on time, but I will. And, I can create something new and bring it along to the exhibition. I bought paper, crayons, pencils and I even managed to find beautiful frames for my new creations. 



After the shopping was made, I poured myself a glass of water and prepared an espresso. It was going to be a night longer than usual. I sat down by the big wooden table in my room and let my inner creative force reflect itslef in the drawing process. No rush. Just me and my creative powers. I did two new women portraits, which I loved!



This situation helped to realize that rough conditions or unexpected problems bring precious gifts. We all face challenges. Everyone is dealing with something they wish they weren't dealing with. I learned that every problem we encounter is an opportunity in disguise, if you only allow yourself positivity. 


The gifts I received while handling this unexpected situation were amazing:

- more courage and self-belief

- strength of the character despite the external circumstances

- ability to construct a legal letter in Italian, which I have done for the first time :)

- faith that impossible is nothing 


Equpped with the memory of this experience I went to Udine, where the gallery owners liked my new portraits very much. The vernissage was a great event and I am grateful for all the amazing local people I have met there. Life provides me with opportunities to grow - so that my soul can bloom like a flower. 



In dark times or when your life takes an unexpected turn, we always have a choice. However, not always do we realize it. 

We can always control our reactions to a given situation and decide if we allow ourselves to be filled with sadness or joy. 



Hot Italian summer. Crickets singing in the background. The town of Udine begins its slow pace of every day life. 

Although two weeks have passed since I went there, I can still smell the freshly ground beans of Italian coffee and hear the morning calmness of the town waking-up...






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